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Every Innovation Rainforest needs a connector / matchmaker to thrive. The matchmaker's role is to create the most economic & social value by connecting people who are the most different from each other.  Non-conformists shape change by introducing originality into the world but more importantly create cultures that unleash originality in others1.  They are grounded in the human element and value community and relationships.  urvi is the disruption cupid, that bring together the non-conformists and leaders, across the globe to create diversity of thought to build the future around us and build long lasting lifetime relationships.   

urvi creates a physical and virtual rainforest, around the world, to build trusting relationships between disruptors, futurists and innovators who collectively can help corporations and businesses be ready to build the future: NOW.  


The Rainforest brings together a carefully, curated mix of multi-disciplinary pioneers, that are successful, in ways, that were not once thought possible.  They are inspiring individuals who bring a perspective that will illuminate what the future holds.  The Rainforest is the catalyst, to exchange ideas, connect to one another and explore the potential of inventing our future.

Corporations and businesses become sponsors and have access to their own curated think tank of individuals that will expand the mindset of the organizations executives. urvi is the trusted agent, for a sponsor to connect with the right resources and mindsets, to drive the future relevancy of their business. 

The Rainforest has its own membership privileges, for corporations and businesses to support, celebrate and collaborate with the greatest thinkers & tinkerers of tomorrow.



Highly curated group of creative minds spanning business, technology, science and the arts.  Expand your tribe through unconventional means through unique experiences, intimate dialogue, relationship building, and personal inspiration.  

365 days of engagement through ongoing communication, personal outreach & atypical inspiration.


Membership has its privileges.  Get access into the minds of the greatest thinkers of tomorrow through retreats, custom programs, executable ideas, sensory experiences and content creation.  

365 days of engagement through always on network, business & social  matchmaking, cultural immersions and ideas that hit your bottom line.

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