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Eve of Disruption - APEC SME O2O Forum II

Urvi Bhandari, CEO Radical Roamer, was asked to attend the APEC Offline to Online Forum II in Peru. At the time she led, Membership Innovations for Sam's Club based in Bentonville, AR. Her experience as a mentor and her vast experience in corporate were beneficial to the role she played at the Forum.

The Forum leaders asked her to speak on a panel in regards to helping startups understand how they could partner or get support from corporate partners. She spoke to the vast size of corporations and the biggest challenge for startups was going to be finding the right person to work with in the corporations. However, there were ways that startups can start to build relationships with corporations.

• Innovation Center of Excellence

• Open Innovation: Hosted Accelerator or Corporate Incubator

• Innovation Outpost

• External Accelerator

• Technology Education, University Partnership

• Acquisition

Additionally, she was the managing director of the startup competition. Her role was to set up a format to "grade" the startups and also direct the questioning to have the startups give any info on gaps they did not present on. The grading team also gave feedback and mentorship to the startups on things they could be doing better to make them successful.


  • Mr. Volker Heisterman, Managing Director, Yushan Ventures (The United States)

Board of Directors

  • Ms. Urvi Bhandari, Director, Walmart's Sam's Club (The United States)

  • Representative from MercadoLibre (Peru)(TBC)

  • Mr. Jake Colvin, Executive Director, Global Innovation Forum (the United States)

  • Mr. Fernando D'Alessio, Co-Founder and CEO, and Internet Enterprises Holding (iEH) (Peru)

  • Mr. Gary Urteaga, Co-founder of Cinepapaya (Peru)


  • Chilenter (Chile)

  • EasyParcel (Malaysia)

  • EZ4HOME (Viet Nam)

  • EasyMarket (Mexico)

  • Medifi Medtech Solutions (The Philippines)

  • Qidenus (The United States)

  • Suruna (Peru)

  • Installments (Chinese Taipei)

  • JoinnUS (Peru)

  • The News Lens (Chinese Taipei)

  • (Viet Nam)

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