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Eve of Disruption - Not Every Hat Fits

Have you ever found yourself in a position that's not exactly aligned with your skills, but you were the 'go-to' person because you were conveniently available? This situation is far from rare, but it's high time we understand that being within arm's reach of a task doesn’t equate to mastery.

Different kinds of hats on a pink background

Let's bring this idea to life with some fresh examples. You might be adept at processing numerical data, but does this necessarily qualify you to formulate your firm's financial strategy? Both tasks involve numbers, yet they demand different area of expertise.

Or let's consider that you're an exceptional painter - does this inherently make you an expert in art history or criticism? The creation of art and the understanding of its historical or critical context are two separate skills.

Perhaps you're the designated individual for updating your company's website. This, however, doesn’t automatically qualify you as a web developer. There's a significant difference between navigating a website's backend and crafting one from scratch.

Moreover, being passionate about a cause doesn't mean you're naturally a proficient fundraiser. Enthusiasm and sales skills are distinct, and one doesn't necessarily guarantee the other.

These examples underline an essential truth: Proximity does not equal proficiency.

So, how can we navigate this scenario better?

  1. Acknowledge Your Expertise: Accept your core competencies and understand your limitations.

  2. Commit to Learning: If a particular skill is crucial to your career path, dedicate the time and resources to learn it.

  3. Value Others' Skills: Recognize the talents of others and delegate tasks accordingly.

Recognizing the specific skills required for different tasks can significantly enhance work dynamics. By distinguishing between proximity and proficiency, we can optimize our professional environments, setting the stage for successful outcomes.

We welcome your insights in the comments.

How has understanding the difference between proximity and skill impacted your professional journey?

Eve of Disruption – A series depicting what the future fabric of our society could look like and ideas that could propel your company forward. There is a changing paradigm in how we live, work and play. Are you and your organization moving with the times and adapting to the massive and rapid changes happening right now? The Eve of Disruption looks at ideas that could be 5 – 10 years in the future but most likely will happen in the blink of an eye.

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