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Belle's World - Balance

How do you define BALANCE in your life?

Originally published on July 5, 2017

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We hear about work life balance, all the time. Balance is defined, as a condition, in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions. Life is very hard to have all the elements be equal. We are messaged throughout our lives that work and life proportions should be balanced.

Let’s look at the averages based on The Labor Bureau of Statistics.

FACT – There are 168 hours in every week! (Some people think that’s not enough).

The most amount of time is spent on personal care1 which includes sleep – 67.06 hours / week. Almost less than half on work or work related activities2 – 25.27 hours / week. This gives us almost 75.67 hours/ week to do something other than “sleep” and “work.”

Yet our focus in life is centered around work and getting the financial gains from “working”, being successful, having a title, having power etc. Just looking at the numbers, balance, is not a game, we should strive to win. You are struggling every day to achieve something that is not truly possible and shouldn’t be the same for everyone. Each of us is an individual, on their own life journey.

Work can be enjoyable to many people. When I am doing things that mostly make my brain tick and generates income, I am very focused and enjoy what I am doing. Many of the closest people, in my life, tell me I constantly work. Yet it doesn’t look like I am working to the outside world. It looks like I am enjoying life and being a free spirit because I am around people I enjoy interacting with and I travel a lot. There are many executives who are driven by the work they do because they are good at it, they enjoy it and are getting paid to do it. This does mean that sometimes their personal lives are affected by the amount of time they spend on work.

However, they need to find the balance on the expectations of them by the people in their life. There is nothing wrong in being motivated by the work you do and spending a lot of time on it. The problem becomes when you have situations where others have expectations on your time and they don’t receive it.

As everything on a Bell curve there is a large group of people that truly enjoy the work they do. However, the media is constantly providing articles on how to achieve balance and makes people feel that they are not normal or fulfilled in their journey because they are always working. The media and our culture shapes our way of thinking from the moment our brains start learning to process information. We are taught what is the right behavior (eg. etiquette) to how we should think. Yet, each individual, in the universe will have a slightly different way of thinking and will be wired a little different.

Life is not just about balance but is a key component to going through the life journey. Prior to understanding balance in your own life, you need to go through the process of understanding your core self. The core self, answers the questions of what makes you tick to what journey do you want to lead. The list is extensive and the time is takes to process this self-evaluation can be a lifetime.

As you start peeling the layers, you find confidence on making decisions based on your individual journey. Balance does not mean our work and play will be even and its definitely not the same for everyone. Balance is about understanding how we want to go through the journey of life and feel fulfilled at the end.

How do you want to bring BALANCE into your Journey of Life?

1 Average weekly hours worked

2 Average daily hours on activities

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