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Eve of Disruption - Real Estate Tech

Driving a New Tenant Experience

DisruptCRE showcases the best and brightest ideas from the most innovative minds in technology and commercial real estate. We bridge the gap between the built environment and technological innovation. From the building systems and tenant engagement, to advanced analysis of key data points, we are more connected to our buildings via technology, than ever before. Mobile devices and apps that control everything from space utilization to concierge services such as on-demand parking, food, dry cleaning, and more.

Technology is changing the everyday business for the largest landlords, owners and brokers who buy, sell and lease property. What are these changes and how are they affecting business? What technologies are being adopted and what are they anticipating coming soon?

Moderated By:

Urvi Bhandari, Partner - Crush Industries


Chad Cook, Managing Director - Quadrant Capital Partners

David Beenfield, Co-Founder - Dwelo

Dennis Smolek, CTO - Roam Directories

Andrew Zusman - Co-Founder - SkyriseApp

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