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Belle's World - Cloning

If you had the chance to clone - would you? why? who?

I heard a story about Barbara Streisand cloning her dead dog into two new dogs. In our world right now we continue to talk about the fears of technology but we don't see much about the scientific breakthroughs that are happening around us. On one hand, cloning like any other new technologies is a feat for humans and we are progressing rapidly in becoming god like with the ability to create, control and change things around us. I am finally glad to be living in the time we are in right now as we get to see advancement happening at an exponential pace in our own lifetimes.

However, the first thing that went through my head about the cloning is why would you do it to have the same exact dog? Because no matter how much we can clone the fact of the matter, it is not the same dog. Cloning only provides the DNA. Just as any organism starts from DNA, the cloned dogs only start with the DNA properties. So they MAY have some of the same physical outward properties but even then those can be different. In terms of personality makeup, they are going to develop based on the environment around them. They will interact with the environment to become who they become - the experiences, the knowledge they gain, the way they are taught to process information will make them become a different person than the original DNA. It's almost like identical twins are not exactly the same even though in the natural way of things they are most clone like. What if a clone gets wired somehow in their brain in a negative way and creates havoc in someone's life. You can't treat a clone the same way you treat the original because the clone is not necessarily mentally and emotionally the same person.

What is the purpose of creating clones?

Why do we feel the need to create full organisms and be god like to produce a clone of someone who has already been?

Do we expect them to behave and be the same person?

Is this insights into us as humans wanting to live forever?

Will we also get to the place where we will have clones and our memories will carry through to future bodies (ie. altered carbon).

PS: As I research a little more I found this great article by Paul Ratner that asks some of these same questions in 2013. However, the discussion is still not big enough in the media or the public.

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