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Belle's World - The Future of You!

Do you think past tomorrow, to the future of you in 1 year, 5 years and beyond?

It's a Sunday morning and many of us like to have that one day off and will spend it with family and friends. This Sunday morning, I took the time to attend the launch event for Neythri - A Global Community of South Asian Professional Women. I was blown away and was delighted with the calibre of the keynote speaker, panelists, organizers and attendees! The community they are building and creating feels comfortable, supportive and has a powerful energy. The stories told, the teachings imparted and the questions asked pushed all of us in the room to look beyond just tomorrow but think about the future of our individual selves and the work each of us is doing.

As a nomad I have always loved meeting new people and gaining different perspectives. There is a community in that it was a group of South Asian Professional Women but there is a wealth of knowledge in the journey of each women at the event. It is imperative that we continue to build our own experiences by interacting with individuals, who have different perspectives to build the future of tomorrow!

Here are some of my key takeaways from the keynote, panel members and organizers.

Jo Miller, Leading Women's Leadership Coach - It was great to see Jo present after almost 10 years. I was in one of her Women's Leadership Groups and have met some amazing women who I am still connected to today. Her guidance and coaching years ago, still resonate with me today! Her keynote "Get Your Shift Together: 5 Ways to Shift from Doing to Leading" was a reminder of many of the things I experienced moving from a "cushy" corporate job to building my own executive coaching practice.

Save the Date: December 13 - Look out for her new book! The title says it all!!

"Woman of Influence: 9 Steps to Build Your Brand, Establish Your Legacy, and Thrive."

Anjli Dudani, Chief Risk Officer, Velo Payments - Anjli's biggest takeaway for me was that she attributes a lot of her success to listening. This is a key lesson we don't hear enough about. She told us a story about her time when she first started Intuit. In all her roles, she always used the first 90 days to learn and listen in all her new roles. At Intuit, she found for the first time, a company guiding their leaders to listen for first 90 days and not worrying about creating an impact in those first days. More companies should be supporting their leaders and people to learn in the beginning so that they can be better prepared in the long run.

Sajani Amarasiri - San Francisco, California 500+ connections Contact infoColombo Cooperative - Sajani closed out with a great quote / statement: "Your life is a manifestation of where you spend your time." This is critical for each of us as we need to sometimes stop and figure out if the things we are doing are adding value and fulfillment to our lives or whether they are just fillers.

Nehal Mehta - Advocate for Customer Experience (CX) | Blended AI & Human Interactions | Driving Strategic Partnerships at Genesys - Nehal talked about having a board of directors in your professional life. This resonated with me as many of you know me, know that I am passionate about building and having a life family. I went beyond just having a professional board of directors but consider my life family (not blood family) very dear to me when I need different perspectives personally and professionally. They have been part of the support system for me in many professional and personal chapters of my journey. They are my emotional wealth and help me continuously develop my cognitive diversity perspective.

Nehal was spot on that your board of directions should consist of: A connector, An informational powerhouse, An influencer, A senior leader sponsor and lastly a mentor (or coach! <-- yes shameless plug! Don't hesitate to reach out to me!)

Nina Bhatti - Director of Efficiency and Performance for Google Cloud, Google - Nina was spot on in taking the time through her career to understand other's perspectives. As leaders, it is our role to understand the people who work for us and the people we work with. By understanding the "language" they speak, we add more value to the team, become better influencers, and provide an articulation for people to follow our vision. Most people want to be led but need leaders like Nina to understand them so they can be engaged to follow.

A big thank you to the organizers! The community and relationship bonds that are being created today will have long lasting effects over generations of women!

Meeting, listening and speaking with the ladies this morning, was a reminder to me that for the last year I have been focusing on tomorrow. After moving to Silicon Valley in July 2019, I am just starting to get my balance and settling into my new lifestyle with my life partner and his two kids! As the coming months go by, I will begin to spend some more time strategizing and putting into place how I will build my floating cities in 10 years :).

Thank you to the energy and thoughts coming from this event today!

Have you started to think past tomorrow, to the future of you in 1 year, 5 years and beyond?

Welcome to Belle’s world. Everything in this world is based on a bell curve. Our media concentrates on giving advice to make everyone be a part of the masses. Belle's world focuses on the outer extremes of the bell curve.

This is a weekly series of our CEO's insights and her perception of the world. They say perception is reality and she lives in her own fantasy world. This allows her to delve into the human element of our lives, helping individuals decipher their own souls, to understand, who they are and what they want, in the journey of life. As an executive coach | connector | cognitive diversity catalyst, our CEO see things from a different light that defies normal logic. These are her musings to help you unleash your mind and transform your life to see a little differently.

Belle’s world explores the extremes and goes beyond the surface. Ready to read about some of the “elephants in the room?”

Contact our CEO, if you want to build your emotional wealth, cognitive diversity, understand your baseline time mindset and enhance your life based on your inner core. A confidential and non judgement zone that allows you to begin to flourish in life, love, career, wealth – your personal journey. #thehumanelement

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